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In this issue:

  • Sprouted grains and seeds highly consistent and high quality
  • New sweeteners from tapioca and sweet potato
  • Green banana flours functional and nutritional benefits
  • Phyto concentrate extracts line of fruit and vegetables
Food & Beverage New Product Releases - Issue 6

Click HERE to download our Food & Beverage New Product Release – Issue 6.

In edition 6 we feature Everspring Farms’ highly consistent and high quality sprouted grains and seeds.  Organic with a BRC A rating, they can be used as flour or whole seed inclusion.

AnchorOrganic Tapioca Syrup and Organic Sweet Potato Syrup are liquid sweeteners produced by Bestground.  Rich in complex carbohydrates, they are particularly suitable for a variety of snacks.

AnchorA new premium line of dry banana fruit ingredients offers functional and nutritional benefits, without the taste or sweetness. NuBanagreen banana flours is a clean label ingredient that is also gluten-free and can be used for flour through to fillings and beverages.

AnchorWe also showcase a full spectrum of phyto concentrate rich extract ingredients from Draco Natural Products, which offer health benefits and are suitable for sports nutrition and dietary supplements.

Download our Food & Beverage product release here.

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