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In this issue of our Winter New Product Release:

  • A plant-based alternative – for healthier bones, teeth, immune system & cardiovascular
  • Anti-inflammatory & expectorant agent – for your respiratory tract
  • Prostate support – sustainably sourced
  • Cardiovascular support – clinically proven

And more….

Trans Chem Spring New Product Release


TransChem has a number of new products this Winter, many of them naturally based alternatives.

One of the featured ingredients is Vega-D3-Light, a vegan Vitamin D3 from lichen – a plant-based alternative.  It is ideally suited for Superfood formulation and bone health products.

Thymox is a dry powdered extract, obtained from Thymus vulgaris L aerial parts by hydro-alcoholic extraction.  Supported by two pre-clinical trials, it is an anti-inflammatory and expectorant agent.

Also featured is Epilobiuma sustainably sourced Epilobium angustifolium (Fireweed) which has potential anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits and can be used for prostrate support.

Endolive is a clinically proven olive fruit extract that may help lower cardiovascular disease.

Click here to download our Winter New Product Release to find out more about the above products and more!

Also in this issue, we take another look at one of our more popular recent releases, Mulcare, a mulberry leaf extract.

Should you wish to discuss any of the products featured in the Winter New Product Release, or in the online product library, or if you would like us to source a new ingredient for your upcoming innovations, please contact the TransChem team.

Please view the Winter New Product Release HERE