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Move!plx is a botanical extract from the Lippia citriodora plant (also known as Aloysia triphylla or lemon verbena) traditionally used for the treatment of digestive problems, asthma, flu, fever or even skin problems.  It is produced using a unique natural extraction process.

Move!plx can assist in maintaining an active lifestyle through:

  • lower oxidative stress
  • increase endogenous antioxidant defences
  • reduced pro-inflammatory markers
  • reduced muscle damage markers
  • improved mood and sleep

Move!plx: has a high polyphenol content – making it a perfect candidate for your formulation, with a low daily dose that allows it to be implemented with other possible ingredients.

There has been over 10 years of research, 8 published articles including multiple clinical studies in support of its benefits.

It is available in capsules, tablets and powder blends.

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Sector 1:Antioxidants

Sector 2:General health

Sector 3:Mood and sleep

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