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SuperTab® 40LL

SuperTab® 40LL

SuperTab® 40LL is a soluble, highly compactable, highly flowable excipient, creating better ways to deliver medications.  It is a lactitol monohydrate, combined in an agglomerate which allows for this soluble excipient to provide compaction previously only provided by insoluble plastic materials such as microcrystalline cellulose.

SuperTab® 40LL’s benefits include:

  • Highest carrying capacity of market excipient products
  • For challenging direct compression formulations with higher drug loading
  • Dissolves within 10 minutes

It is non-GMO and available for use in mini-tablets and challenging formulations.

SuperTab® 40LL is breaking through the direct compression limits!

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Sector 1:Pharmaceuticals

Sector 2:Nutraceuticals

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