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SuperTab 50 ODT - a new lactose solution for oral disintegrating tablets (ODT)

SuperTab® 50 ODT

SuperTab® 50 ODT is a highly consistent, monohydrate lactose. Due to its porous nature, a fast disintegration time can be established.  It has a number of significant benefits.  These include:

  • A 100% inert, stable, soluble and palatable excipient
  • Has a mildly sweet taste as it is a disaccharide excipient
  • Pleasant mouth feel
  • Provides a solution for orodispersible formulations, helping to deliver medication to paediatrics and geriatric patients, or to those who suffer from Dysphagia

Some other interesting facts to note:

  • Free flowing
  • Compactible
  • Low friability ensuring consistent performance on tablet hardness over time
  • Low moisture uptake
  • Powdery grittiness is prevented due to primary particle size
  • Rapid disintegration resulting from spray drying

Sensory testing supports the oral disintegrating claims of SuperTab® 50 ODT.

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Sector 1:Nutraceuticals for children and the elderly

Sector 2:Pharmaceuticals for children and the elderly

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