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Featured in this issue of our Food Fortifiers Spring New Product Release:

  • A good source of fibre – vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and allergen-free
  • Acai, acerola, camu camu, yerba herb & tamarindo – powder extracts
  • Minerals to improve nutrition – greater stability, increased bioavailability, better taste
  • high-quality suspending agent and emulsion stabiliser – odourless and tasteless

gofos™ makes fibre greater
Reduced sugar and fibre enriched without compromising on taste and texture. A prebiotic that helps feed the good bacteria in the intestine. Great for cereals, to bars, confectionery, dairy and more…

Antioxidant’s with multiple applications
An esterified form of Phytosterols which are completely soluble in oils and fats and stable at elevated temperature conditions. Enhances cholesterol-lowering ability of traditional foods

Quality Brazilian natural ingredients 
Over 25 years specialising in developing and manufacturing high quality, innovative dry or liquid extracts for the nutritional, dietary supplement, food, functional food and beverage industries.

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Should you wish to discuss any of the products featured in the Spring New Product Release, or in the online product library, or if you would like us to source a new ingredient for your upcoming innovations, please contact the Food Fortifiers team.

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