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Immunity, Nutrition and a Post-Pandemic Environment - herbal drinkWith the shadow of the pandemic beginning to lift and the relaxation of social restrictions, it has never been more important to take preventative measures to enhance immunity, health and wellbeing.

With a vaccine still in R&D stages as well as no supplements available to prevent the contraction of coronavirus, we need to look to our individual behaviour and immunity for health and wellness.

The human immune system is complex, but essentially, it is our personal defence force against viruses, bacteria and germs.

Constantly activated, it deflects potential invaders from entering the bloodstream through the lymphatic system, via our gut, the skin, or through the exposed mucous membranes such as the mouth, nose and eyes.

Maintaining the viability of our immune system is our best option.  A regular intake of fibre maintains the strength and viability of the good gut bacteria. TransChem’s Delayed Action Psyllium Husk is designed as an easy-to-consume product specifically to support digestive health and immunity.

Immunity, Nutrition and a Post-Pandemic Environment - garlicThe exploration of the correlation between food and nutrition with physical and mental health continues to burgeon. It’s worth remembering the more natural and unprocessed the ingredients ingested, the less strain on the immune system.  TransChem champions the benefits of many other natural ingredients in their range, including echinacea, ginseng, turmeric and garlic.

As well as practising good hygiene, the pandemic has focused our attention on the role of the immune system, which is why we need to “turbocharge” our immune systems.   A balanced diet, including all food groups, supports and strengthens an effective immune system and may provide protection against infections.