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Introducing ‘Food Fortifiers’ – a new brand, with a dedicated team for the Food & Beverage market. 

This is an initiative of TransChem, who has been a leading importer of ingredients for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sector for decades.  It follows strong feedback and demand to add to our service with a focus on the specific demands of Food & Beverage manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. 

In this Edition 9 of our Food & Beverage New Product Release:


  • Queen of the Superfruits™ – six times the vitamin C of oranges
  • Supporting sports endurance and performance – all-natural nitrates, solely from beetroot
  • Hemp protein powder and flour – a plant-based alternative to whey protein
  • Reduce fatigue and tiredness – vegan and most soluble range on the market of amino acids
  • and more….so click on the links or the image to download the full version.

Baobab Powders and Bites
Wild-harvested, raw whole food, amongst the most nutrient-dense fruits on earth. Naturally dehydrated, it contains fibre (50%), electrolytes & antioxidants. Also as Boabites™

Canadian Hemp Protein Powder and Flour
Contributes to the growth & preservation of muscle mass, maintenance of normal bones and normal blood pressure.  A flavourful alternative for people with dietary sensitivities.

It is high concentration of all-natural nitrates solely derived from Beetroot, with no added excipients or preservatives. Rich in minerals, solvent-free and 100% water-soluble; a teaspoon equals 6 beetroots.


More details available

Should you wish to discuss any of the products featured in the Food Fortifiers New Product Release Edition 9, or in the online product library, or if you would like us to source a new ingredient for your upcoming innovations, please contact the TransChem team.

Please view the Edition 9 of the New Product Release HERE