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In this issue of our Summer New Product Release:

  • Environmentally friendly calcium – from above-sea coral
  • Award-winning ceremonial matcha – 100 years of traditional techniques
  • Antioxidant recovery product – supported by multiple clinical studies
  • A superior award-winning Astaxanthin – more clinical support released
  • All Natural Vitamin E 100% bioavailability – from THE specialists in the extraction of natural Vitamin E

Coral Calcium LLC
Natural forming, containing high levels of elemental calcium with its effectiveness backed by a large volume of case studies.

AOI Matcha
The world’s leading Japanese manufacturer of ceremonial organic and conventional matcha green teas.

Algalif – Astaxanthin
Further clinical studies released supporting this award – winning powerful antioxidant made with pure Icelandic water. Since TransChem first mentioned this exciting product in Spring 2018, there has been a strong interest in Algalif, which is expected to grow with the release of the latest studies.

Also featured in this issue are Move!plx (antioxidant recovery product backed by multiple studies) and Matrix Fine Sciences (Natural Vitamin E)

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Should you wish to discuss any of the products featured in the Summer New Product Release, or in the online product library, or if you would like us to source a new ingredient for your upcoming innovations, please contact the Trans Chem team.

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