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In this issue of our Summer New Product Release:


  • A unique way to restore and sustain energy at a cellular level  – clinically proven
  • Essential heart fuel – The only arjunolic acid-free and DNA-authenticated extract of Arjuna
  • Psyllium that does not stick together – prevents gelling
  • Immunity building products – best sellers that improve wellness

Natural, clinically proven to accelerate energy, by supporting heart health and maintaining circulation it enables you recover faster from workouts.

Clinically proven to improve heart health and cardio endurance (delays exhaustion) for active adults, it only requires 1 small daily serving.

Psyllium Husk
Prevents immediate gelling of generic psyllium products, it stays in suspension form over 30 mins to enable ease of consumption.


Also featured in this issue is a sneak preview of an exciting new range we are about to start offering (you will have to click on the flyer to learn more) and a reminder about some of our most popular  ‘Immunity Building Products’, including:

More details available

Should you wish to discuss any of the products featured in the Summer New Product Release, or in the online product library, or if you would like us to source a new ingredient for your upcoming innovations, please contact the Trans Chem team.

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