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Comprecel® MCC102

Comprecel® MCC102

Comprecel® MCC is a multi-functional excipient widely used in solid dosage for pharmaceutical industry as binder/filler/diluent/disintegrant in direct compression, dry granulation, or wet granulation process.

The Comprecel® MCC102 has a standard type of coarser particle size, with improved flowability properties, and is especially suitable for direct compression production.

Its benefits:

• Strong dry binder
• High dilution potential
• Excellent compressibility that allows for high tablet hardness at low compression pressure
• Promotes tablet disintegration through fast water uptake
• Facilitates low tablet friability
• Has inherent lubrication, anti-adherent and absorbent properties
• In wet granulation, promotes rapid even wetting and uniform rapid drying
• Superior physical and chemical stability

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