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hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic Acid (food grade)

Hyaluronic Acid (food grade) is a type of mucopolysaccharide that is highly viscous and is used as a supplement in foods and beverages.  HA contains a variety of properties, including water retention, lubricity, viscoelasticity and biocompatibility, making it widely used in food.

There are a number of advantages to using Hyaluronic Acid including:

  • Can promote joint health
  • May improve skin moisture and elasticity
  • Perfect in combination with collagen for skin applications
  • Suggested for hair, skin and nail formulations
  • Available in low and high molecular weight conversions
  • Growing global reputation for its use in food

Hyaluronic Acid is available from TransChem as an unbranded product which is natural, non-GMO, GMP certified and kosher certified.

The application for its use range from beverages to jelly, dairy products like ice cream and superfoods.  .

This is a clinically proven support for ageing as reduced amounts of hyaluronic acid can cause skin wrinkles, arthritis, plus disease and arteriosclerosis.

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