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srouted grains and seeds

Sprouted Grains and Seeds

Everspring Farms Ltd uses a tightly controlled germination process to foster optimal levels of enzymatic activity in grains and seeds. It is a family owned and operated company dedicated to nutritious functional foods including non-gluten options. They are organic, Kosher and have a BRC A rating.  Its advantages include:


  • improved bioavailability
  • easier to digest
  • decreased insoluble fibre and increased soluble fibre
  • increased vitamins and nutrients


  • sweeter taste
  • more palatable and easy to chew


  • improves loaf volumes and slows staling
  • cooks faster
  • extends the shelf life of milled grains/oilseeds

Everspring Farms sprouted grains and seeds can be used as flour or whole seed inclusion. It is great in breads, cereals, snack bars, tortilla wraps, tortilla chips, flatbreads, cookies, crackers, pasta, muesli, baking mixes, pet food, soup blends, side dishes (grain blends).


































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