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TransChem is pleased to advise that AlphaWave™ L-Theanine has been approved by the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) for use as an active ingredient in listed medicines in Australia.

This approval was secured by TransChem in partnership with Ethical Naturals (ENI) over the past 18 months and this approval is in addition to the US GRAS affirmation secured by ENI.

AlphaWave™ L-Theanine has been available for over 10 years in the US, where it has grown to become one of the most popular ingredients to relieve symptoms of stress in both supplements and beverages.

The market potential of AlphaWave™ through Australia​

The potential for AlphaWave™ in the Australian and Asia-Pacific market is substantial. Strong interest has been shown by several leading brands that market products both in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. It’s expected that a retail and practitioner launch will take place in the second quarter (Q2) of 2024.

Clinical studies show significant increase in alpha brainwave levels

The efficacy of AlphaWave™ L-Theanine has been validated by two clinical studies that confirm its ability to increase alpha brainwave activity and deliver significant relaxation benefits.

The most recent study, ‘A randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study to investigate the efficacy of a single 200mg dose of AlphaWave™ L-Theanine on stress in a healthy adult population’, was published in Neurology and Health, ​September 2021.3

In this study a 200mg dose of AlphaWave™ L-Theanine was shown to promote significant increases in both whole-scalp and frontal region alpha power, and reductions in salivary cortisol (both are objective measurement of reduced levels of stress). These changes were not observed when the participants received placebo.

The summary of this study concluded: ‘A single dose of AlphaWave L-Theanine had significant positive effects on brainwaves, salivary cortisol, and self-reported state anxiety compared to the placebo in response to an acute stress challenge. These changes are indicative of relaxation in the brain and suggest a calming response in a moderately stressed but otherwise healthy population. AlphaWave​ L-Theanine was found to be safe and well tolerated by participants.’

AlphaWave™: The only source of L-Theanine for supplement use in Australia​



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