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What does the concept of “healthy me” mean? Is it a number on the scale? A blood pressure reading? A dress size?

Health is a mix of physical, mental and emotional elements that make us who we are; what we eat, how we exercise, our mental agility and our social connections all contribute.

Regardless of our notion of what “perfect health” looks like, constantly we seem to want to feel better, to create a “healthier me”.

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Choosing to take a multivitamin is part of a consumer’s choice to look after themselves, but it’s now also capturing the emotions of wellness and providing a passport to join a healthy lifestyle brigade of like-minded fellow consumers.

With changes in technology, nutraceuticals are developing their own followings via apps and website campaigns to enable tech savvy consumers to track stats in real time on their physical, physiological and emotional wellbeing.  

With an exponential uptake of mobile health via these health tracking apps, medical professionals, consumers, brand marketers, advertisers, and insurers can track consumers lifestyle habits with nutrition and exercise.


The dawn of mobile health accountability through the wellness movement has unveiled a unique and exciting time to be in the pharmaceutical industry.

“App-fluence” takes the consumer beyond the products into an online experience of app data, support and forums. It captures the feeling of wellness, the pure embodiment of what and how that product makes the consumer feel when they take it and enables them to buy-in to a brigade of healthy others, all like-minded people who seek not only a healthy lifestyle, but wellness.

Over the past few years, the wellness movement has led millions to realize the relative lack of nutrients in their daily meals.  A relatively new concept that’s sweeping the industry, “healthy me” relates to a range of products, including wellness tonics, liquids and powders. While it’s a precautionary and preventative health measure rather than a treatment regime, it’s an unspoken and largely immeasurable element of the consumer market. The perceived benefit of the product is eclipsed by the associated wellness attributes of the product and the connections it offers to a similarly like-minded wellness community.

While TransChem maintains its diligence in supplying high grade ingredients and raw materials to the market, the focus of the global industry has shifted; the paradigm has moved from the actual product to the consumer’s perceived notion of product buy-in and community.