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Bluenese -for natiral stress relief and alertness


Bluenesse® is a lemon balm extract developed to support cognitive health; for natural stress relief & alertness.

The advantages of using Bluenesse®, which is produced by Vital Solutions, include its pleasant taste for use as water soluble fine powder.  It is traditionally used to improve concentration, mental focus and working memory.  Bluenesse® is commonly used in combination with traditional herbs such as Valerian and Passionflower for sleep formulations.

This lemon balm extract is obtained by water extraction out of a special breeding linesof Melissa officinalis (L.) leaves, which is an annual edible herb.

As out account managers for information about the scientific proof behind the use of Bluenesse®.

Carrying kosher and halal certification, Bluenesse®  is available for use as a powder.


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