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Crystal Dextro Grape

Crystal Fructo Grape

Naturalia extracts sugar from fruit in liquid and crystalline forms, which can be used to enhance organoleptic qualities and flavour.

Available as Crystal Grape Sugar – crystal Fructor GRAPE.

The authentic fraction of the fructose monosaccharides  as white crystals with a purity of >99.5%

  • CrystalGrape sugars have excellent rheological properties that can be used as excipients in tabletting (ODT and effervescent), even at very high concentrations
  • (up to 100%) Enhance flavour to improve taste
  • Lower Glycemic Index
  • Higher sweetening power

Naturalia is the first company in the world to produce crystalline sugars from fruits. Their technology extracts the total sugar content and single Monosaccharides – fructose and dextrose which allows the two sugars to be used separately or blended to different concentrations levels.




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