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MenaquinGold® ES


MenaquinGold®, a totally natural form of the recently discovered vitamin K2-7 (menaquinone) is now available. This natural form has:

    • Superior bioavailability
    • Guaranteed stability
    • Longer half-life, which results in more stable serum concentrations

Other points to note:

      • K2-7 is along-chain form of menaquinone
      • It is produced via a deep tank fermentation process with a non-genetically modified GRAS organism in a dedicated GMP facility
      • Available in several grades including water-soluble powder

New clinical research results show natural vitamin K2-7 has even greater benefits, with it now also showing it can assist Diabetic Neuropathy.  Read an article about the benefits here.

MeaquinGold®, is the most-researched natural vitamin K2-7 in the world. Read more about its applications by clicking here.

It is natural, kosher, halal, GRAS and EU approved.

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Alternate Name: Natural Vitamin K2-7 menaquinone

Health Benefits: For effective calcium utilisation and metabolism

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