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What influences product development trends and how reliable is the evidence?

TransChem meticulously reports information on a range of globally sourced, innovative and ethically derived products to its sponsors and brands, and uses strategic social media channels to reach them.

By posting timely, relevant information TransChem provides the groundwork for the development of innovative products and presentation of upcoming trends. They deliver information to brands to support their labels and their successful product marketing campaigns. TransChem’s point of difference is the accuracy of the evidence based material and information provided to its customers, sourced from a global network of trusted suppliers and following the careful assessment of information and trends presented at international industry conferences.

But how easily is the general population influenced?

For better or worse, the dominance of social media platform “influencers” to promote everything from food to holiday destinations has helped make Australia one of the globe’s largest and most active social media consumer markets. Consequently, social media undoubtedly presents massive promotional and educational opportunities for health and healthcare. Online influence sells, but brand trust and longevity boils down to the accuracy of the information presented. TransChem empowers brands, and consumers, by providing brands with evidence-based information from trusted sources to build multichannel, brand driven marketing campaigns.

In this hotly competitive marketing industry, information is gold. Building a trusted brand requires a solid foundation of science-based, accurate information. TransChem only works with ingredients supported by evidence. They rely on a meticulous, evidence-based approach to verify the investigation of ingredients and raw materials. TransChem acknowledges the intelligence of its consumers and their curiosity to access trusted information and resources.

Let TransChem help you build your brand strength using compelling products to produce optimal consumer outcomes. Use the power of science and evidence to leverage your brand and build solid brand recognition. Ingredients sourced by reputable brand suppliers, such as TransChem, will be the only marketing influence your brand requires.