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Ancient Grisps

Ancient Grisps is an innovative product milled and extruded from a custom blend of ancient grains, including amaranth, quinoa, sorghum, teff and millet.  It is a proud member of the Healthy Food Ingredient (HFI) family.

Ancient grains have remained unchanged by modern sciences and breeding technologies over time. HFI’s “Heirloom Grains” has a richer source of nutrients than modern grains and is a healthy alternative to wheat and corn,


  • Wholegrain that is naturally gluten free
  • Neutral flavour profile with a sweet, nutty taste, making them suitable for many applications

Also available as:

  • Custom blend 5-grain flour ready for extrusion and as an individual flour


Cereals, clusters, confectionery, energy bars, granola, snack foods, salad topping yoghurt topping







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