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Milne MicroDried

Milne MicroDried is 100% all natural dried fruit pieces, from whole fruit including the skin and seeds, for added phytonutrients, colour and flavour.

Milne MicroDried information

Created using Milne’s proprietary dehydration process, fruit retains its size and fragrance and keeps more vital nutrients than most commercial dehydrated and dried fruit products. Milne MicroDried® controls the water activity and offers excellent flowability which is needed to manufacture and create new and innovative consumer fruit products.


  • Appealing flavour profile
  • Colour and aroma retained throughout.
  • Variable moisture levels available
  • Cost effective
  • No added sugar
  • Retains ORAC and polyphenols

Milne_MicroDried_3Available in:

  • Whole pieces, fragments and powders
  • High to low moisture levels
  • 17 varieties, some with organic options


Breakfast cereals, beverages, bakery, snacks, smoothies and yoghurt, spreads, confectionery and chocolates


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