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The Vitafoods Europe exhibition proved yet again to be a showcase of innovation and optimism for the future of the nutraceutical sector.  TransChem attends the event as a vital means to continue the search for the best new ingredients to supply the Australian and New Zealand market.

Now in its 21st year, Vitafoods featured more than 1,000 exhibitors with over 18,500 attending the 3-day event in Geneva.  Among the many new features, this year was an Innovation Centre and a  Probiotics Resource Centre, which was developed in response to demand from attendees in 2016.

Vitafoods Europe 2017 - TransChem CEO, Andrew Klapka with Rudy from Frutarom
Vitafoods Europe 2017 - TransChem CEO, Andrew Klapka with Amit from Sanat
Vitafoods Europe 2017 - TransChem CEO, Andrew Klapka with Francesco from EPO

Where the sector is going

TransChem CEO Andrew Klapka attended the event and is excited by what is hitting the market.  “Everywhere you look there are new products to consider.  There is a real focus on gaining an edge through new and natural ingredients as well as through improved means of extraction.  Ultimately this is being driven by the heightened consumer awareness of the importance of the quality of ingredients and how this make a difference to their health and wellbeing.”

The Global Health and Nutrition Network, Europe, Informa Exhibitions, echoed this sentiment in a release which says research shows a 50% increase consumer awareness of nutrition over the past 12 months to 53%.  19% of visitors to the exhibition identified personalised nutrition as the next big important trend to look out for, both in the short-term (over the next 12 months) and 35% over the longer term (the next three years).

The exhibition is just the start of a process for TransChem, who then qualify the most relevant products for the local market.  The next step is to understand what is involved in the approval process by the relevant local authorities to enable them to be made available.  Andrew says, “In past years we have been able to exclusively bring the likes of ZMA (as an ingredient) and GoLess to market.”

Coming soon

Andrew adds, “We are continuing to develop our list of exclusive suppliers with an emphasis on innovative options which will give our clients an edge when they produce their products.  Vitafoods is a chance to explore new opportunities.  It is also a great venue to maintain face to face working relationships with our ongoing suppliers, many of whom were exhibiting again this year.”

While it is too soon to talk specifically about some of the new ingredients which TransChem hopes to bring to the market, full details will soon be provided in their upcoming new product newsletters.  According to Andrew, “the next few months will see us release some products which are going to help local manufacturers capitalise on several of the leading nutritional trends.”

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