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TransChem will attend SupplySide West in Las Vegas, 6 – 10 November, 2018, the largest in a series of annual global forums which significantly influence end consumer purchasing patterns in the world’s largest marketplaces.

For approximately seven weeks leading up to the event and a further seven weeks afterwards, TransChem’s Galaxy Team is exclusively dedicated to identifying, evaluating, clarifying and determining the suitability of products for its clients from a marketing, price point?/ or economical? and technical viability perspective. The higher the attrition rate, the higher the product quality available to TransChem customers.

The Galaxy Team, named to reflect the company’s mission to go above and beyond sponsor expectations in sourcing exceptional ingredients, represents a significant investment of time, resources and passion. The process of vetting prospective ingredients is a diligent and proven system of checks, filters and investigations, ensuring TransChem’s clients are offered credible, authenticated products with substantiated claims.

While the details of this checking and cross referencing process are closely guarded, it is fundamentally a deep dive into the background of potential suppliers. Many potential ingredients don’t survive the investigation, but it takes a process this refined in the hands of a skilled, academically trained team to uncover and polish the gems that are, sometimes, revealed as diamonds for the functional foods and complementary medicines markets. The Galaxy Team’s modus operandi is to utilise a proven formula to uncover important new ingredients, and sometimes the magic.

Is it still viable for a distributor to invest such significant time, energy and effort into an expo like SupplySide West 2018? For TransChem it’s a simple equation: the greater their investment in comprehensive investigation, the more reliable and authoritative the products they offer their client base.

The Galaxy Team looks for functional food and nutraceutical ingredients with a point of difference such as purity, limited environmental impact, sustainability and a high eco-friendly rating. They look into the factory conditions, investigate the manufacturing company, scrutinise the quality of documentation, check and double check for alignment with the stringent requirements of the TGA, such as heavy metals and purity. The team checks for evidence based material surrounding the ingredients to support therapeutic claims and effectiveness.

Many potential candidates fall over, but that’s great news for TransChem’s customers. The more detailed the audit, the greater confidence TransChem customers have that the ingredients TransChem offers not only meet standards requirements, but are marketing standouts with the science to back their claims. In short, they’re exemplary but ultimately it’s how well they fit with TransChem’s vision and how well they fit with TransChem’s customers.

The exhaustive Galaxy Team process is conducted in the context of trending marketplace indicators across North America, Asia and Europe. Constantly communicating with customers, TransChem is aware of trending market indicators, including sustainability, continually scanning the globe for new and unique ingredients. Product label backstories and trends including lifelong health and wellness in areas of cognition, gut health, optical health and women’s health continue to inform the diversity of products on show at global expos such as SupplySide West, 2018.