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Acerola Fruit Powder Extract 1

Acerola Fruit Powder Extract

Acerola Fruit Powder Extract is an exotic tropical fruit (from the Barbados cherry tree) having a characteristic flavour with high ascorbic and anthocyanins contents.  It is the best source of natural vitamin C with content available from 10 to 25%.

Compared to synthetic sources, Acerola Fruit Powder Extract is better absorbed by the human body.  It is high in nutrients and antioxidants.

Our supplier uses high-level quality control processes and supports good agricultural practices and the sustainable management of native species.  They have been certified as organic, non-GMO, vegan, kosher and lactose-free.

The applications for using Acerola Fruit Powder Extract include for; flavoured waters, hybrid drinks, energy drinks, syrups, jams, teas, sweets, jellies, yoghurts, fillings, shakes, smoothies, instant soups, ice creams and juices.


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Sector 1:Food and Beverage

Alternate Name: Barbados cherry tree

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