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ActiPhen - premium digestive health enhancer and antioxidant


ActiPhen™ is a premium digestive health enhancer and antioxidant from freeze-dried green kiwifruit powder, grown in New Zealand (Actindia Deliciosa).

Produced from one of the most nutrient-rich dense fruits in the world, ActiPhen™ is rich in gastrointestinal tract supporting nutrition.  It is suitable for encapsulation and can be used in capsules or powders.

ActiPhen™ contains naturally occurring:

  • Potent proteolytic enzyme, actinidin
  • Phytonutrients including polyphenols (flavonoids and phenolic acids), carotenoids (lutein and β carotene) and vitamins (C and E)

In-vitro studies have shown that actinidin enhances the digestion of a number of different food proteins, including soy, red meat, milk, gluten and gliaden.

ActiPhen™ is natural and non-GMO and ideal for men’s and women’s health products as well as probiotic formulations.

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