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Alphamega3 is a plant-derived Omega-3, containing 40% DHA. It is a high quality, algal oil without any underlying marine smell or taste (minimal taste and odour).

Alphamega3 supports brain, heart, eye and blood pressure health.

It is cultivated and grown sustainability from a wild strain of algae in optimal conditions to maximise omega-3 output.  It is environmentally friendly and makes uses of a chemical-free extraction method.

Alphamega3 is available for use in liquids, capsules and powders and is ideal for dietary supplements, men’s and women’s health as well as foods and beverages.  It is certified allergen-free, vegan, non-GMO and kosher.



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Sector 1:Dietary supplements

Sector 2:Men's and Women's Health

Sector 3:Food and Beverage

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