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Astalif by Algalith


Algalif® is a leading supplier of high-grade natural astaxanthin from microalgae, produced at its state-of-the-art facility in Iceland. Manufactured to rigorous quality standards and supported by science, Astalíf™ astaxanthin is built on a solid foundation of quality, purity and sustainability.

Produced in a cGMP-compliant facility in Iceland that is powered by 100% renewable geothermal energy, Algalif utilises proprietary growing and harvesting processes including a customized LED-illuminated photobioreactor system with optimized light utilization. Astalíf™ Astaxanthin by Algalif is a powerful natural antioxidant with multiple health benefits and a solid scientific foundation.

It allergen free, kosher, natural and non-GMO.

Some other interesting facts include:

  • it is made with 100% pure Icelandic glacial water
  • it contains a high ratio of pure Astaxanthin content to other carotenoids
  • it has one of the lowest heavy metal profiles in the industry
  • there are high levels of Astaxanthin content in the dried algal biomass (up to 6%)

It can benefit products looking to assist:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Skin health
  • Eye health
  • Healthy ageing
  • Cognition
  • Sports Performance
  • Muscle endurance

The benefits of Astalif™ are supported by extensive scientific research and multiple clinical trials.  Contact our account managers for access to the details.

It is available in a 5% and 10% oil

It was the Winner of the Natural Ingredient of the year for Healthy Ageing at the 2018 Nutra Ingredients Asia Awards.

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Sector 1:Healthy ageing

Sector 2:Cognition

Sector 3:Sports performance, muscle endurance

Alternate Name: Haematococus Pluvialis

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