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In an ironic twist Millennials, known for their high-level consumerism, are leading consumer demand for sustainably and ethically resourced raw materials in an effort to halt further environmental degradation.  Sometimes referred to as the “Snowflake Generation” for having lower levels of psychological resilience than previous generations, the Millennials are using their consumer power to lead brand and consumer change.

For TransChem, sustainability means more than stopping climate change or further diminishing the world’s natural resources; it’s also about the social and economic impact and longitudinal sustainability of raw materials. Think saving the environment one ingredient at a time.

Sustainability in an ironic twist milennialsSustainability refers to far more than long term provision of an ingredient; it encompasses the social and ethical impact of sourcing, as well as associated causal environmental effects. The methods used to grow and produce nutraceutical ingredients can have a major environmental, social and economic impact on the local communities. The strict selection criteria applied during TransChem’s ingredient certification and validation process continually evolves to include sustainable farming methods and ethical collaborating with local communities and workers. Sustainable systems promote practices and methods that are not only economically profitable but that benefit local communities as well. Innovative and collaborative methods of sustainably growing, harvesting or producing raw ingredients ensure sufficient resources for the current generation without compromising the ability of Millenials and future generations to meet their demands. The provenance of raw materials is a TransChem core value. Adherence to the TGA’s tough requirements is mandatory but TransChem’s own investigations into the origin of new raw materials reflects the additional level of corporate citizenship around socially and ethically sourcing that consumers are demanding.

Coral Calcium LLCThe forensic level of these investigations throws up some real gems. The harvesting of above sea coral by Coral LLC Calcium aims to maintain the pristine waters and surrounding environment of the Caribbean. Coral Calcium has been recently added to TransChem’s new ingredient portfolio. From the seabed thousands of years ago, Above Sea Coral was pushed above the tideline by the movement of tectonic plates and nature in a period before industrialisation and ocean pollution. Coral LLC sources Coral Calcium from fossilised coral on one of numerous islands with large coral deposits. Estimates suggest that by the time these current deposits are depleted, more islands will have been pushed skyward by tectonic movement, thereby supporting the long-term ecological balance of the resource. Coral Calcium is certified “Friend of the Sea” and “EcoSafe” because Coral LLC’s harvesting process does not harm the surrounding ocean’s delicate ecosystem.

Verifying the origin and retaining an unbroken chain of authenticity throughout the ingredient supply process is a long established TransChem practice. Sustainably farmed ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers who have endured rigorous levels of investigation is matched by corporate awareness of ethical practices for workers and the transparency of the entire sourcing process. 

Identifying and tracking materials with detailed levels of documentation fulfil the rigorous requirements of the TGA, but for TransChem it’s about more than rules and guidelines; the provenance of ingredients align its corporate values with an informed, critical thinking and acutely aware consumer market and fits the social, ethical and sustainable requirements TransChem chooses to champion.