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Chelates & Minerals

Chelates & Minerals

A chelate is a complex chemical compound comprising a single metal ion attached to a large organic molecule called a ligand in stable cyclic/ring structure. The ligand attaches to the metal ion with two or more bonds, thus it is known as a bidentate, tridendate or polydentate ligand; which refers to two, three or many bonds, respectively. The more bonds a chelate compound, the more stable it is.

The unique ability of polydentate ligand in a chelate makes it useful as chelators, chelants, chelating agent or sequestering agents. Compounds and substances like citric acid, amino acids and polysaccharides are examples of natural chelating agent. The chelating agent can form a complex compound with other substrates that are mixed/added into it. Due to this, chelates are widely used in medical and industrial applications for the purpose of separation, such as an extraction or precipitation process in the chemical industry, in detoxification of heavy-metal poisoning in medical application, soil treatment or in water purification.

Living organisms needs minerals to keep their metabolic process in good condition. Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and magnesium are the major minerals in the human body. Others like iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, iodine and selenium remain in trace amounts. As the human body cannot produce these minerals, they are obtained from dietary sources naturally or from mineral supplements.

Most mineral supplements are manufactured as inorganic compounds, for example calcium carbonate or magnesium oxide. However, the compound is poorly absorbed if the weight of the mineral is higher than the molecule it is attached too, like carbonate or oxygen. When bonded to a large compound like a ligand it has been reported that it may improve bodily absorption of some minerals. Some pharmaceutical manufacturers produce mineral supplements in chelated compounds, which has been claimed to provide higher bioavailability rather than inorganic compounds.

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