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Welcome to our Summer New Product Release. In this issue:

  • Higher bioavailability  – probiotics used in fermentation
  • 10% Glucoraphanin – a long-lasting direct anti-oxidant
  • Medicinal for cold & flu season – anti-viral bioactives
  • Coming soon – clinically researched brain health
Trans Chem Spring New Product Release

In our Summer New Product Releases our feature ingredient is FermenGIN®  a fermented ginseng extract with increased bioavailability.  It’s vegan, kosher, halal and gluten-free.

BroccoRaphanin®  a long-lasting broccoli extract providing immune system support and protection against free radicals.

Draco Mushrooms extracts (Shiitake and Reishi) which are nutrient dense and a source of anti-viral bioactives.

Cognizin is coming soon.  A Citocoline which is a clinically researched brain health ingredient.

Please view the Summer Product Release HERE

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